From an early age I showed a talent for talking, well, let’s put it another way, I never shut up!  So finding a career where I could use my voice was a perfect match.  Whilst working in broadcast as a copywriter I began voicing professionally and developed a range of recording styles.

My voice is very versatile, with a playing range suitable for many genres, from credible and corporate to fun and friendly or soft and sassy, I pack a punch every time.

You may hear my voice if you top up a phone, order a washing machine or arrange insurance as I’m the dedicated voiceover for the Asda Mobile, Asda Direct and Asda Home Insurance interactive voice response technology.

Whether you need the elevated elegance of refined pronunciation or a quirky and different sound, I can offer you a superb range of corporate and commercial styles with many character voices and accents including Mancunian, Liverpudlian, even Australian and American, all delivered with tremendous timing in my own unique style.

With professional recording facilities plus post production skills, I can record, edit and deliver your voiceover components to your exact requirements and to your budget.

So, sit back listen to the showreels, then let me do the talking for you!

Voiceover Showreels

60″ Montage


Full Commercial Showreel